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Working through the Emergency

Some would think that this national emergency, with so many people being told to stay home, would be a blessing for artists like me.

We would get to stay home and spend our days doing what we love to do.

For others, this may well be the case.

But since I am, like so many authors, not able to fully support myself through publishing, I have a day job. It's a good one, which pays the bills and allows me the luxury of not having the endure deadlines and demands (except from fans wanting the next novel).

But this day job is one where I am considered "essential personnel." Instead of being able to make artistic use of this time, I am working more hours than normal, and I was already carrying up to sixty hours per week!

So the rest of you, try to make good use of this enforced time off if possible. But the world keeps spinning, and people like me are required to make sure it does so as smoothly as possible.

I'll see you all out there once this passes and is a distant memory.

Until then.

Robert M Leonard.

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