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The Future of Robert M Leonard

No, not trying to be Nostradamus here.

This all WILL happen.

Either through continued self-publishing or via traditional means.

First, the third installment of the Alexander Gambit trilogy, Flight of Angels, will be released late spring or very early summer. Doing final edit now, and trying to get the right cover art. I know exactly how it should look, but can’t draw a straight line with a ruler. And professionals want WAY too much money.

Time to invest in more software. It’s been waaaaaay too long since I got to play with a new computer program!

But what comes next?

First, I have three books written in a fantasy series I’ve developed, which I call the Brotherhood of Freeswords series. I hope, one way or the other, to have Journeyman, the first book of this series, published by next year.

There’s also my science fiction series I’m calling Thomas Hunter Novels, which I also hope to start publishing next year. I have three of those books written as well, with the fourth still in the incubator.

Then will come the Alexander Endgame trilogy. I’ve only written a few lines of it, but it’s been taking shape in my head for years, so it should go down on paper pretty quickly.

After that?

Well, that’s where we need Nostradamus, as opposed to Nostradumbass.

But with seven more full length novels already written and just waiting on the final touches, I believe I can keep my fans entertained for quite a few years yet.

Hopefully this includes you, dear reader!

Looking forward to blowing your minds!

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