Nobody Remembers

My first attempt at poetry in decades. I just felt the urge:

Nobody remembers

First breaths and last I was there.

First tears and laughs I was there.

First loves and heartbreaks I was there.

New beginning and final endings I was there.

Nobody remembers

Birthdays and Holidays I held the light.

Festive was I when the time was right.

Warm and comforting when bitter winds howled.

Cool and calming when the sun blazed down.

Nobody remembers

The parties I hosted.

The newlyweds I toasted.

Celebrating life joyously boasted.

Mourners of a passing I enfolded.

Nobody remembers

Bent and bowed I remain.

My sagging spine is still strong.

Skin is weathered but I don’t complain.

I stand where I belong.

Nobody remembers.

People once sighed in relief upon seeing me.

Now others look away, embarrassed and ashamed.

My moments are numbered, they’re coming for me.

Soon I’ll be dust, nothing of me will remain.

Please remember!

Before you flip that switch, remember.

Before you take that final step, remember.

Before you erase that last vestige of me, remember.

I was once loved as a home.

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