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No more Kindle Unlimited.

After much contemplation, I have decided to remove all of my works from the Kindle Unlimited and Kindle lending library programs. They will still be available for purchase from Amazon for you Kindle, Kindle App, or in paperback, but not for anyone who uses the kindle unlimited program to avoid paying for books.

It’s really quite simple.

While this might be a good thing for new authors trying to grow and build an audience, and probably a good deal for readers who don’t like buying books only to learn they downloaded garbage, it sucks if you are an author.

First, as I’ve learned over the past two years, the more of you pages that get read, the less you make per page. And the amount keeps dropping the more you are read. What started out at 1/2 a cent per page is now, for me, half that even though my readership is increasing. The bigger my audience and fan base gets, the less I make.

Second, KU requires the author to make their works EXCLUSIVE to Amazon publishing. Amazon is big, but they aren’t the only game in town. A lot of readers who prefer other platforms, like Barnes and Noble’s nook, are left out of the equation. So to are readers who refuse to do business with Amazon for whatever reason, or no reason at all. I am missing out on a huge potential audience by keeping my books exclusive to Amazon.

To this end, The Wraith is now already available through Barnes & Noble, and the Alexander Gambit trilogy books will be published there as well as soon as their current KU enrollment period ends. And no future books, like the upcoming Journeyman, will be available through KU. I apologize to anyone who pays for Kindle Unlimited who would like to use that platform to read my works, but your good deal is a bad deal for authors.

Besides, it’s not like I’m charging an arm and a leg for my works anyway!

Rant over. See you all on more platforms here shortly!

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Sahreth 'Baphy' Bowden
Sahreth 'Baphy' Bowden
Aug 07, 2020

You know, I've dithered a lot about whether to keep my books on KU or not. I didn't know about how more pages read means less pay (probably bc I don't get very many reads lol) either so thanks for sharing. I think I'll likely take the same route as you by next year or at least try it out on some books to see what happens. I'm glad you were able to come to a decision and that your fanbase is steadily growing <3 Your work is awesome and you deserve it ^_^


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