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Peace rules the Twelve Nations.
Disgusting, calm, boring, unprofitable peace.
For Kileean O’Tamman, an officer with The Brotherhood of Freeswords, the most famous mercenary army in the Known Lands, peace means there is little need for his services, and he is finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet.
Which is why he accepts a lowly contract, sworn on binding mystical oath, to escort a young lady, one poised between girl and grown, cross country to live with distant relatives whilst protecting her from all harm.
Frequently beset by bandits, bad weather, foul enchantments, and his ward’s youthful impetuousness, what should have been a quick and easy journey becomes one of the most perilous adventures in all Kileean’s career as a sword for hire.
But it is the girl he is oathbound to protect who may be his deadliest foe ever, and the true cost of his “simple mission” may not be just his life, but his eternal soul.

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