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Six years has passed since Chris Alexander’s ambitious plans, what he had called his Alexander Gambit, prevented Earth from being destroyed by a rogue planetoid. But there’s little time to rest.

            His neonatal interstellar travel program is just getting started, but he also wants to be more than just a leader, inventor, industrialist, and costumed vigilante.

            More than anything else, he wants a family of his own, friends and loved ones who know everything about him and with whom he can share his triumphs and tragedies, his hopes, dreams, and aspirations. All the life experiences his original programming had expressly denied him to want or desire.

            Chris wants to live his life to the fullest, to be more than just a sentient machine on a mission.

            But he also knows that new and greater dangers loom over the galactic horizon. Hazards for which he must prepare himself and the planet without the whole world learning of his biggest and darkest secrets.

            The Endgame has begun. He must soon do battle against an implacable and remorseless enemy. Failure would destroy everything and everyone he has come to cherish. But even victory could cost him everything, for the only way he knows how to win will require him to hurt and betray those he loves the most.

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