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Hunted: A Thomas Hunter Novel

Failing agrarian colony worlds and an infectious genetic virus threatens Earth with starvation and perhaps the end of the human race.
For the first threat, Thomas Hunter joins the military to train an elite unit to combat a powerful, non-human species, one which has coexisted with humanity in secret for centuries. But now, many are being driven mad by their environments, and they must be stopped. Only problem is, few know of their existence, much less how to fight them and win.
For the second threat, Rachel Torrence, Thomas' partner, must use all her expertise in genetic medicine to find a cure before it's too late.
Neither can afford to fail.
But the stakes are even greater for Thomas. He too is a member of that secretive race, also susceptible to the homicidal madness which is inflicting so many like him. If he succumbs, millions, perhaps billions, will die. But how can he expect to win a fight against the universe and his own nature?

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