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Kileean O’Tamman has long believed a long and brutal war, one which will involve and engulf all the Twelve Nations, is inevitable.
As a high-ranking leader within the mercenary guild the Brotherhood of Freeswords, he should be eagerly anticipating the commencement of hostilities. Such a conflict would be highly profitable for the organization to which he has sworn his loyalty on binding soul-oath. He would be expected to lead armies into combat, the Brotherhood as a whole and those under his command standing to enrich themselves mightily from lucrative contracts and the spoils conquering cities would bring.
As a low-ranking member of the nobility of the small but prosperous kingdom of Keneseteria, he assumes the land of his birth would be seen as an irresistible target to its most avaricious neighbors, the possibility of quick victories and plundered wealth being too great a temptation to resist.
As a husband and a father, he is terrified of what the future might hold for his wife and their two young children, trying to survive amidst the strife, poverty, horrors, and bloodshed such a multi-national war would bring. Assuming they managed to live through it at all.
With recent events warning him the storm is about to break, Kileean must decide which path to take. Should he obey his oaths to the Brotherhood, sell his sword to the highest bidder, with no concerns beyond leading armies to profitable victory? Should he answer the call of blood and help defend the nation of Keneseteria? Or should he go his own way, try to delay or prevent the conflict he fears in coming, put the safety and needs of his wife and children first, and in the process betraying both the Brotherhood and his kin?

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